Sweet dreams are made of this… {Learning to sleep well with Sammy Margo at the new Ibis Shepherd’s Bush}

by Insomniac Mummy on October 29, 2012

Being an insomniac has bonuses, of sorts. There are times when I absolutely need those extra hours, late at night, just to get all the things that need doing, done!

But it’s not an ideal state. Some mornings, I get out of bed and feel like I’ve been run-over by a juggernaut. I’m constantly searching for that perfect, yet elusive,  sleep/life balance.

Recently I, along with a small group of parent and travel bloggers, was invited to a Sleep Experience Day at the brand new Ibis London Shepherd’s Bush. When sleep is the one thing you need, and there’s someone offering it on a bed shaped platter, well, lets just say that turning up, overnight bag in hand, was a no-brainer!

Every room in the Ibis Shepherd’s Bush is equipped with the Accor created Sweet Bed™. Developed by in-house scientific experts, with the help of specialists, the Sweet Bed™ is designed to provide Ibis guests with the perfect balance of comfort and support. In short, they want you to have the best night’s sleep you can, under their roof.

In order for us to learn how we could sleep well on the Sweet Bed™ we had the pleasure of spending the day with Sammy Margo, the author of The Good Sleep Guide and The Good Sleep Guide for Kids, who also just happens to be a sleep and physiotherapy expert. Sammy spoke to us as a group, and individually about how each of us could achieve a good night’s sleep, and while there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for everyone, there are simple things we can all do to help ourselves, such as:

  • Having a technology cut off time. The blue light emitted by TV’s, computers & phones is extremely detrimental to our body’s ability to switch off and sleep.
  • Sleeping in an uncluttered, cool, dark & quiet environment.
  • Sleeping on the right kind of mattress for you and buying the best bed you can afford.
  • And a tad controversially, sleeping alone. Sammy recommends sleeping in separate beds, even separate rooms for the best sleep you can have.

In  my one-to-one session I wowed Sammy with my comedy ‘murder victim meets recovery position’ face down sleep position. Not good people, not good. I’m seriously doing this all wrong, which probably accounts for a lot of my sleepless nights. That and my tendency to be set to boil at any point. The key to sleep for me is in temperature, and not suffocating myself in the pillow. I also discovered that waking up paralysed, is not in any way normal. But that’s a whole other blog post…

So, I donned my bed socks, and climbed into my Sweet Bed™ wondering what the night would bring. To get to the point, I couldn’t tell you, because I SLEPT! Yes, that’s right, Insomniac Mummy, cranked up a full 8 hours, without interruption. Was it the fact I was alone? Was it the fabulously comfortable bed? The truth is, it was probably a combination of the two. Sweet dreams are made of this!

I just hope, that as I checked out the following day, no-one noticed the Sweet Bed™ sticking out of my overnight bag…


A huge thank you to the staff at the Ibis, Jeremy & Kelly from iCrossing and Sammy Margo for a wonderful day and night!

Disclosure – I was provided with a one night stay at the Ibis Shepherds Bush, plus travel expenses and dinner at Jamie’s Italian.

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Pressies by Pebbles October 30, 2012 at 7:22 am

Such an interesting read. I’m also an insomniac who has tried everything. I absolutely agree with turning off technology a good few hours before bed. I also totally overheat in bed. Think I might need a night away to try out Ibis. Are their beds for sale somewhere or made just for them? I dream of a good nights sleep x


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