No detail is small when it comes to your baby… {Sponsored Post}

by Insomniac Mummy on April 24, 2013

My babies are growing up, and all too fast!

Last week we had confirmation of the 3 year old’s reception place, for September this year. My youngest baby will be school age. She’ll spend all day, everyday at the same school as her elder brother. Both my children will be in full time education.

It seems, in so many ways, as if it were just yesterday we began this journey into parenthood. From the moment we knew we were going to be someone’s parents, our brains were abuzz. All the excitement. All the hoping and dreaming about the future we would build with the children we were yet to meet. We were mapping a course in our minds, trying to navigate this brave new world, into which we were about to be launched.

I’d spend hours day-dreaming about what our perfect nursery should look like. What wall paper would we choose? Did we need a border? Was a blue colour scheme a good idea, or a neutral pallette  a better plan?

Did we need a Moses basket? Should we buy a crib, or perhaps a more traditional cot? Would a more contemporary cotbed suit us better? There seemed to be so many decisions to make about even the smallest of details. But of course, no detail is small when it comes to your baby! I’d pour for hours over nursery catalogues and websites filling my head with all kinds of ideas.

We decided the best route for us was a neutral colour scheme, with a good quality cotbed that would grow with us. And, that cotbed did indeed grow with us. First my son’s, then my daughter’s, and now lovingly handed down to my niece (of course with new mattresses for each child).

It’s only a cotbed, yet to me it represents so much more. Something a simple as a place to sleep has become an intrinsic part of our lives, and an important symbol of bonds between a family.

I wonder where it will end up next…


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